We know our users, you know your brand. Our team works with you using unique, specific guidelines so that students you reach through us get excited about your message.

We make sure the content seems relevant, exciting, and least intrusive to our users, yet fun and related to your brand to net the highest possible ROI.

How it works

We tailor messages based on our audience and your brand.

We then hand-select the most receptive users to your message.

Timing is key. We message users while they are making memories.


Push Notifications


Message Students as They're Making Plans

Push notifications allow you to send students instantaneous, real-time messages that make them act. Combine with a Special or In-App Announcement, to really drive eyeballs and awareness to your brand.

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Opening Announcements


Your Deals & Events When Students Are Looking For Them

Opening Announcements are unique images that show up when users open the app. These opening images push users to events, deals, samplings, and activations that your brand is holding. Opening Announcements are a great way for students to get engaged with something you have coming up.

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In-App Announcments


Set Simple Reminders For Local Active Customers

These announcements fit into the feed of bars that local customers scroll through on Fomo. These messages are crafted to help users select their next destination and determine what to order when they get there.

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